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11 must-see destinations to enjoy Italy


From sea to lake, from Tuscany to Abruzzo, from Trieste to Venice, from Emilia-Romagna to Veneto passing through Riccione, Ravenna and Comacchio…our campsites and resort are all around Italy!


We are linked to our Country with a strong relationship that shines in all our activities, events and day trips, allowing you to discover the most beautiful locations, not only the most famous ones.


An holiday in Italy means thousands of acres to discover, full of history, art, nature, delicious food, friendliness and magic. Italian peninsula is a paradise for every kind of visitor:


  • Families with young children
  • Solo backpackers
  • Couples looking for romantic places
  • Adventourous younger groups


Booking a holiday with Club del Sole means getting a real Made in Italy vacation, made with passion, quality and the unique value that characterise us. That’s why Italy is also known as “Bel Paese”, "beautiful contry".

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