Your camping-village holiday becomes extra-large with our bungalow XL offer!

Offer XL: double the fun and enjoy freedom!


Haven't you choosen yet your nest holiday destination? Don't panic!

With the XL offer of Club del Sole, your vacation doubles!

You can choose 2 of our destinations in Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Veneto, Friuli and Lake Garda and your favorite holiday period, and we will offer you the most convenient solutions for an extra-large vacation!


For example:

10 nights from 14.07 to 24.07

3 nights in Jesolo Camping Village

7 nights in Vigna sul Mar Camping Village


What are the advantages of the XL offer?

  • Extra-large holidays, extra-small restrictions: to take advantage of the offer, the minimum stay required is 4 nights, much shorter than all other offers;
  • Even freedom becomes extra-large: you can choose the most comfortable dates for you, even if they are two non-consecutive periods;
  • Double your holiday, double your fun!
  • Easier for you: you will not have to deal with the calendar in hand, check days of arrival and departure and minimum stays. Just tell us your holiday period and your destination campsites and we will plan to arrive and depart for you!


Conditions of the XL offer

  • Minimum stay of 4 nights
  • Minimum stay per village 2 nights
  • Maximum stay 14 nights
  • Maximum stay per village 12 nights
  • The two stays may also be non-continuous
  • The offer can not be combined or retroactive

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