Beach Service

Beach Service

Enjoy the beach all day long


First of all, security: our shores and water parks are provided with rescue service to look after of guests of all ages.

That said, your priority on the beach is to tan and relax. Therefore, in some of our shores you can find restaurants and pizzerias to get lunch or share fresh aperitifs after a long playful day.


Bars and kiosks are perfect to quench your thirst or to get an ice-cream for your child. All our shores are provided with special ramps to help people with low-mobility to get easier access to the beach.

On our beaches you can also rent from our beach attendants or lifeguard:


  • Beach umbrellas
  • Sun beds
  • Beach chairs
  • Bathing-huts


Finally, we are proud of our Shores. This year too many of them have been awarded with the Blue Flag.

A special attention is also due to the Dog Beach: shores reserved to 4-legged friends equipped with showers and driers.

8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

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