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Discover the Glam Experience: the most innovative, exclusive way to spend an open-air holiday!

A new concept in open-air holidays

Whether you are fond of camping or prefer to enjoy the convenience of a bungalow or mobile home complete with all amenities, set amidst the natural environments of our Family Camping Villages, at Club del Sole you will definitely find a solution perfectly suited to your requirements.

Or perhaps you would like something more. For example, a new, uncompromising way of enjoying an open-air holiday, which further enhances the unforgettable moments you spend with the ones you love: an elegant, exclusive concept where the utmost attention is paid to the details.

So why not try our Glam Experience? A circuit of glamour accommodation facilities in which the splendid natural landscapes that provide the backdrop to our Family Camping Villages is combined with unique high-class amenities and services designed for those who aspire to top quality.

Desenzano Lake Village

Have you ever dined on a private pier in the middle of a lake? And what if that lake were the romantic, poetic Lake Garda, just a few steps from the centre of Desenzano? Beautifully renovated apartments, refined lakefront mobile homes, memorable culinary experiences created by out-standing chefs: Desenzano Lake Village is not just an holiday village, it’s a genuine revolution in the world of open-air holidays. Enjoy the lush natural scenery of Garda, but in accommodation that is perfect in very detail and with high-end services: private beach, heated swimming pool, sophisticated, innovative menus will make your stay truly memorable, in one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Italy.

Desenzano Lake Village is perfect for couples, though anyone staying in this little paradise will have the chance to discover how gratifying a holiday, or better, a Glam Experience, can be!

Glam Hotel Vigna sul Mar

A vineyard extending almost as far as the sea and the granary of a big old farmhouse: these are the ingredients of a story that began in the 1950s and still continues today. On the land where our Vigna sul Mar Family Camping Village stands today, they used in fact to produce vino delle sabbie (sand wine) from a grape variety that grows on sandy soil and the granary has been converted into the Glam Hotel Vigna sul Mar: 15 refined hotel rooms, meticulously appointed interiors and sections of exposed brick and stone, functional designer furniture, and also private terrace, bright and airy rooms, the timeless elegance of exposed beams and wood.

The most frequent comment from people who have slept in one of our rooms? “Simply perfect!”, also thanks to the intriguing wine tasting experience that goes with every booking. An excellent way to combine wine and food with perfect sleep, all just a few steps away from the sea.

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