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Jesolo and the Upper Adriatic

Jesolo and the Upper Adriatic: discover the Club del Sole Family Camping Villages

Is it possible to reconcile a classic seaside holiday with the special experiences you are looking for, where sports activities and wellness form an integral part of your stay? At the Jesolo Mare Family Village in Lido di Jesolo and the Marina Julia Family Camping Village in Monfalcone all this is already happening. At the Jesolo village there is a spa centre next to a large swimming pool and a wide private beach, at the Marina Julia there is a gigantic waterpark – the biggest in the Club del Sole, complete with springboards for diving, Olympic size swimming pool, water slides and river – as well as mini golf and other dedicated sports facilities.

Two ideal panoramic terraces overlooking the Adriatic complete with all the amenities that the area has always had to offer: long equipped beaches in Jesolo, perfect theme parks for you and your children on the Lido, the charm of Venice and natural landscapes of Valdobbiadene just a few kilometres from your accommodation, as well as all the pristine nature of wildlife sanctuaries such as the Foce dell’Isonzo Nature Reserve, and the history, art and culture of splendid cities such as Trieste and Udine.

This is just some of what you will find: you can discover the rest starting out from our Family Camping Villages, and you can be certain you will be pleasantly surprised.


Jesolo Mare Family Village


Marina Julia Family Camping Village

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