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Enjoy a problem-free holiday, with cashless payments at Club del Sole

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Find out more about MySmartCash, the electronic payment system at Club del Sole

MySmartCash is an innovative electronic payment method that you will find in all Club del Sole villages, except for Sole Family Camping Village, Le Mimose Family Camping Village, Adriatico Family Camping Village and Rivaverde Family Camping Village. With MySmartCash you can pay using your electronic wristband or directly through the’ MyClubDelSole app, without having to use any cash.

How does MySmartCash work?


Put on the wristband when you arrive, or download the MyClubDelSole app


Top up your credit on the wristband or with the MyClubDelSole app


You can make fast, secure payments using your wristband or the MyClubDelSole app, leaving you to enjoy your holiday

How do I activate <span class='gold'>MySmartCash</span>?
How do I activate MySmartCash?

There are two ways to activate the MySmartCash service:


1) When you arrive at the Village, you can activate the service on your personal wristband which will be given to you when you check in. Once you are wearing the wristband, you can top up at any cash desk or even directly in reception, and use it to make cashless payments in the different areas of the village.


2) After you download the MyClubDelSole app from your app store, you can activate the MySmartCash service at any time, directly from your smartphone.

MySmartCash Regulation
Use MySmartCash with the <span class='gold'>MyClubDelSole</span> app!
Use MySmartCash with the MyClubDelSole app!

The MyClubDelSole app has lots of essential services to give you the best possible holiday in our villages, including the possibility to manage MySmartCash directly, together with a series of other benefits:


  • Remaining credit always displayed
  • Account statement visible at all times (if you are using the Family option, only the booking holder will be able to see the transactions from all the smartphones and wristbands).
  • Push notifications after every payment made, to guarantee more control over your spending
  • Possibility to top up MySmartCash whenever you want, using your credit card, without ever having to queue up at a recharging point in the village.

MySmartCash FAQs

Everything you need to know about Club del Sole’s electronic payment system

What is MySmartCash?
MySmartCash is an innovative payment method, using an electronic wristband or app, that allows you to go cashless in almost all Club del Sole villages.
Which Club del Sole villages offer MySmartCash?
The service is currently available in all Club del Sole villages, except for Sole Family Camping Village, Le Mimose Family Camping Village, Adriatico Family Camping Village and Rivaverde Family Camping Village.
How does MySmartCash work?
When you arrive at your holiday village, you will be given a wristband that allows you to move about freely within the structure. This ID method is strictly personal, reserved for guests, and it should be worn throughout your stay. If you wish, the MySmartCash service can be activated on your wristband. To do this, simply top up your credit using cash, credit card, or the ATM in reception, or you can use your credit or debit card at any sales point in the village (except markets).

Alternatively, you can activate the MySmartCash service on your smartphone. After downloading the MyClubDelSole app and connecting your booking, you can use the MySmartCash service.
Can MySmartCash be used for any payment inside the village or are there any limits?
You can use the MySmartCash service to make any payment within the village, except in the amusement arcade and laundry.
What is the difference between the Family option and the Individual option on MySmartCash?
When you activate the MySmartCash service, you can choose whether to manage your credit in Family or Individual mode. When you choose the Family option, you activate a single credit source, shared by all smartphones and wristbands connected to the booking: when it is time to top up your credit, you only need to do this once and it will be valid for all users. If you choose to activate the MySmartCash service in individual mode, every smartphone and wristband will work independently with their own credit. Every user will then have to top up their own wristband and/or smartphone.
Do the smartphone and wristband always share the same credit?
When you activate the Family option, the wristband and smartphone share the same credit. If the Individual option is activated, the wristband and smartphone will have two separate credits.
Is MySmartCash a pay service?
No, MySmartCash does not have an additional charge for guests.
Is there a charge for topping up MySmartCash?
No, there is no charge for topping up.
How many wristbands are given to each family?
Wristbands are personal and given to each guest in the village.
Can I wear my wristband in the water?
Yes, wristbands are waterproof.
What do I do if I lose my wristband?
Simply go to Reception and report the wristband as lost. The wristband will then be blocked and you will receive a new one. Any credit on the wristband at the time you report it lost will be transferred to the new wristband.
What do I do if there is any credit left on my wristband or app at the end of my stay?
Any unused credit will be refunded in reception.
Do I have to return my wristband at the end of the holiday?
No, wristbands are disposable and do not need to be returned. You can keep yours as a souvenir of your holiday at Club del Sole.
Web check-in: halved waiting times

Why queue for check-in when you could already be on your sun lounger on the beach enjoying the sun and sea? If you are about to leave for a family holiday in one of our Villages, remember to check-in online! It's the quickest and most convenient way to avoid unnecessary waiting when you arrive at the Village, when you will be asked to fill in the necessary documents to enter our facilities.


Checking in online is really easy and smart!


  • Download the MyClubDelSole app
  • Log in or register
  • Web check-in your booking
  • Enjoy your holiday!