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News from Club del Sole
21 July 2022

Protect your vacation and your loved ones with the policy dedicated to Club del Sole’s customers

Find out all the details of the special Europ Assistance policy: choose a carefree vacation when you book!

Thanks to an agreement between Club del Sole and Europ Assistance, customers booking a stay of our villages can take advantage of a special discounted premium when signing up for an insurance policy designed to insure their booking from the risks of cancellation or interruption of stay. The policy also protects people through a variety of assistance services during their vacation, and provides reimbursement for any health treatment expenses and other valuable coverages, even for four-legged friends.


Here a summary of the what the policy covers:


  • Multi-Risk cancellation coverage. Also valid for Covid positivity, in this case with no deductible!
  • 24/7 support, organized transportation and medical expenses
  • Extension of stay due to Covid quarantine
  • Reimbursement of stay fee in case of Covid
  • Re-booking of stay due to interruption of stay
  • Roadway assistance
  • Assistance to family members left at home in Italy
  • Housing assistance
  • With Family Dog Friendly, Pet Assistance and Veterinary Expenses policy.


Click on the link, read the detailed Terms of Insurance and book worry-free with Club del Sole!


The service is active since 26th June 2022. It is not retroactive. The guest can add the insurance only during the booking process. Once the booking is confirmed we cannot add the service.

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