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Club del Sole

Life, as it should be.

Club del Sole means Full Life Holidays

23 holiday villages right next to the beach, along the coasts of the most popular Italian seaside destinations, in Italy and abroad. Holiday villages on the beaches of the Romagna Riviera, Ferrara, Venice Riviera, Garda, Upper Adriatic, Marche, Abruzzo, Argentario, Maremma, Versilia, and also Rimini, Riccione, Milano Marittima, Ravenna, Lido di Spina, Jesolo, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Orbetello, Viareggio and Desenzano. And in Bologna, our group’s only urban holiday village.

Full Life Holidays: comfort and nature, together for the first time!
Your <span class='gold'>Full Life Holiday</span>
Your Full Life Holiday

Club del Sole holiday villages are a home for those looking for a happy lifestyle, surrounded by nature, during their holidays. They are places where you fall asleep listening to the sound of crickets, and wake up with seagull songs; where you just need a t-shirt and Bermuda shorts to be happy; where you can feel the cool pine forest sand and the warm beach sand under your feet; where you can enjoy a sunset or sunrise on the beach, and where you can count the stars in the sky.


Open spaces where you can rediscover the joy of having a body, of moving and breathing fully; where you can laze around in front of the sea, or at the poll side; where you can enjoy the pleasure of being together and eating good food with your family, whatever it might be.


Retreats where you see children running and playing, where they can do what they love, together; where your furry friend can get the attention and the space it has always dreamed of; where you can socialize with your neighbours, get to know them, greet them every morning and chat with them every night.

Our <span class='gold'>story</span>
Our story

In the 1970s, when Club del Sole’s story began, many people called it a “camping site”. How things have changed in over 50 years! Today, the company has 23 holiday villages, curated down to the last detail, with thousands of comfortable lodges and bungalows, welcoming apartments, big water parks, entertainment for adults and children, services for pets and wide private beach resorts.


Our values are still the same: love for nature, freedom and social relations, authenticity and kindness. And so is Club del Sole’s purpose: offering the village guests the chance of getting to know their deepest, most authentic side, through smiles, nature, sun, sand and sea.

Our <span class='gold'>numbers</span>
Our numbers

23 villages in 7 regions
2,900,000 square meter area
16 private beach resorts
31 restaurants
21 water parks
Over 8,000 accommodation facilities