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City Break

City Break: discover the Club del Sole Family Camping Villages

“City Break”, in other words escaping the city to go and visit another one, and thus seeing the world from a different point of view for a few days. Or strategically choosing a tourism product that offers all the services of a large urban centre to discover the surrounding area, maybe using your destination as a stop-off on a longer, more structured tour.

You decide what you want to do: we for our part will offer you the ideal accommodation and leave you all the time you need to enjoy yourself, with the extra amenities typical of a Club del Sole Family Camping Village Club, such as pool, gymnasium and much more. Our facilities, located a short distance from the city centre and surrounded by greenery, are perfect both for the classic tourist looking for comfortable accommodation and people who need to spend a few days in the city for business or personal reasons. Combining practicality, nature, services and holidays is a fascinating challenge that we are convinced we can win!


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