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19 July 2022

“Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Club del Sole,” the new street-dance-show touring our villages

A spectacular travelling show: “Journey at the centre of the Earth” is the new street-dance-show by Club del Sole

As it happened already in 2021 with Dante: The Show, also in 2022 Club del Sole villages will become the exclusive open-air stage for an exceptional travelling show designed for our guests. This time, we will pay homage to Jules Verne’s famous novel, “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”, with a contemporary reinterpretation of the novel that will become an exciting exploration of the natural elements, through original choreography designed to surprise and engage the audience.


A dance troupe will be on stage featuring some of the most prestigious urban dancers in Italy, who between elbow rock, floorwork, freeze, float, swipe and many other evolutions borrowed from breakdance, but also acrobatics, pole dance, voice-overs and scenic moments with a strong visual impact, will offer to the audience a show that will go far beyond the more traditional standards of entertainment of a camping-village.


The starry skies of some of Italy’s most popular family-friendly tourist destinations will serve as the backdrop for the journey that will accompany artists and spectators: Adriano Family Camping Village, Marina Family Village, Pini Beach Village and Rimini Family Camping Village on the Romagna riviera; Spina Family Camping Village and Vigna sul Mar Family Camping Village on the Lidi of Ferrara; Jesolo Family Village on the Lido of Jesolo; Marina Julia Family Camping Village in Monfalcone; Orbetello Family Camping Village, Italia Family Camping Village e Stella del Mare Family Camping Village in Tuscany; Stork Family Camping Village on the Abruzzo riviera.


“Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Club del Sole” will start on June 27, 2022 from the Adriano Family Camping Village and will end on September 6, 2022 at Marina Julia Family Camping Village, after a tour of about forty events.


Now you have one more reason to choose Club del Sole: click on the link, select the village you prefer, and book your next vacation now!

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