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New in 2022! A new adventure park at the Spina Family Camping Village

Adrenaline rush and lots of trails among the trees to enjoy at the new Spina Adventures adventure park. Find it inside the Spina Family Camping Village
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Romagna: a land of sun, sea and….adventure! Spina Adventures, our new adventure park will be inaugurated on 10 June 2022 in Lido di Spina. You will find it right inside our Spina Family Camping Village! It is a park among the tree tops built in partnership with the sector’s professionals, specifically Top Adventure Park, which offers 13 fantastic suspended trails at approximately 15 metres above ground split by various difficulty levels.

First of all, tons of fun for kids with 4 baby trails located just a few centimetres above ground and a beautiful tree village playground featuring 5 tree houses linked by reinforced net tunnels that can be enjoyed without harnesses. Adults instead can experience a pure adrenaline rush with 8 trails designed for the boldest adventurers ready to make them enjoy thrills they had never experienced before. All of this without forgetting the trails designed and reserved specifically for people with disabilities, for a truly inclusive adventure park.

If you are a guest at our village, you will be able to access the adventure park at a special discounted rate and take advantage of convenient season ticket prices, but also our daily guests at the Spina Family Camping Village will be able to opt for a dedicated admission ticket that will entitle them to take advantage of all the village services (water park, private beach and catering) and also to try our brand new Spina Adventures park.

What is an adventure park?

Immersed in nature and ready for adventure! Imagine many wooden platforms suspended above ground and anchored to trees in a forest, each connected to the other by Tibetan bridges, zip lines, ladders, nets, catwalks and other small obstacles to overcome. The goal is to finish the course relying only on your courage and strength, completing each passage in full safety. In fact, each path features a lifeline (specifically, a steel cable also anchored to the trees) to which you will be anchored via climbing carabiner clips during each and every step of your experience.

What are you waiting for? Put on your harness, take the brief on-site training session with our staff, and have fun! Spina Adventures is a service of the Spina Family Camping Village. For more info visit the official website.

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