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News from Club del Sole
13 March 2024

A family holiday like you have never had before: discover the Club del Sole 4 Family project

Modern and green playgrounds, special entertainment for parents and children and much more: during the 2024 season, five Club del Sole Villages will be operating with the Club del Sole 4 Family project

The Club del Sole Villages have always been the perfect destination for family holidays: immersed in nature, in splendid locations, our facilities offer independent accommodation, water parks, sports facilities, specialised catering services, private beaches, dog-friendly services and entertainment for all ages.


Starting from the 2024 season, you will find the Club del Sole 4 Family project in five Villages of the Group (the Stork Family Camping Village, the Spina Family Camping Village, the Marina Family Village, the Romagna Family Village, the Rimini Family Village), a new format that will further enhance the "family" approach of the Club del Sole Full Life Holiday.


What does the “Club del Sole 4 Family” project consist of?


More than a playground, an extraordinary adventure


Combining physical activity, games and discovery in a stimulating and "adventurous" context: the new playgrounds for children will combine inclusive wooden structures, rich in motor stimulation and reproducing stunning settings - vessels, castles with bridges and pulleys, villages - with fitness areas for adults. In the 2024 season you will find two new play areas, at the Spina Family Camping Village and the Romagna Family Village.


Get a preview of what they will look like:


(Images are for illustrative purposes only, the product may have different finishes and fittings)

The show is about to begin!


Take a seat and relax, we're about to start! In the Club del Sole 4 Family villages you will find not only the Miniclub for the youngest guests, creative workshops and daily entertainment, but also special activities for parents and children. What's more, from 22nd July to 25th August, the Stuntmanshow Production will be enriching the villages' entertainment programme, one evening a week, with innovative and original shows waiting to be discovered. With over 25 years of experience, the Stuntmanshow Production is a company specialising in stunt shows, musicals and circus performances.


Happy birthday from Jeko!


Jeko, the mascot of Club del Sole, is loved by all children. Our explorer gecko is a regular presence at the Village evenings with his Jeko Dance and it's easy to be won over by his contagious enthusiasm as you follow him on the amazing adventures he lives every day. The good news is that from this year, in the Club del Sole 4 Family villages you can invite him to your child's birthday party and introduce him to all his friends!


Here are some of the novelties that the Club del Sole 4 Family project will bring to the Stork Family Camping Village, the Spina Family Camping Village, the Marina Family Village, the Romagna Family Village, the Rimini Family Village. Join the family and book your holiday!


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